Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Dedicated to making great tasting and safe drinking water


A2O Pure Water Purifier

Experience an under-the-sink water purifier powered by Aquaporin’s unique purification technology. The features provide clean, PFAS-free water bursting with a drop of natural flavor.

The A2O Pure is the water purifier that secures one of life’s most important assets, you and your family’s health.

ZERO – water purification system


With ZERO we wanted to achieve the impossible: a compact, beautiful object capable of filtering tap water without needing pumps, motors, control units, or external storage tanks.


ONE – water purification system

ONE is designed with an eye for simplicity and exclusivity. The slim and aesthetic machine fits under the sink and comes as an all-in-one solution with filter, membrane and faucet. 

With only two cartridges and a replacement indicator on the machine, ONE is easy to install and use. The user friendliness continues, as ONE’s only maintenance requirement is cartridge replacement which can easily be done by oneself.


Drinking water membranes

The Aquaporin Inside® Drinking Water Membrane is the only membrane in the industry to use aquaporins – nature’s own water filters – to filter drinking water. The result? State-of-the-art purification performance and a high consumer likeability.

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